Why You Need to Start Journaling

Over the past year, I realized why journaling is the best thing ever. Last summer at JH Ranch I started journaling about what we were doing, what I was praying about, how I got closer to God, and pretty much everything that happened to me that week. It was so nice because I could clearly write out my thoughts, and have them organized on a page instead of all jumbled up in my head. Once I got home from JH I kept doing it but was just writing about my everyday life. Some people have a journal where they just write what happens to them in the day, and some people have specific prayer journals, but I like to combine mine all in one. It helps me relate what I am praying about to my life and why I am praying about it. The main things I like to focus on when journaling is

  • What I have been doing that day or week or month or whenever
  • Highs and Lows of the day
  • What I am struggling with or anything I am worried about
  • What I am praying for and why
  • What I need to focus more on
  • If I do a devotional or went to young life or church or anything I write about what we talked about and what I took away from it

Writing about all of them helps me do a big brain spill and get it all out, but it also helps with self-reflection. This summer I have been trying to work on myself a lot, and journaling has really helped me stay on track and give me some time each day to focus on myself, get away from all the screens, and have some alone time. Another awesome benefit to journaling is you can see how God is working in your life. A few weeks ago I went and read some of the things I wrote about a few months ago, and it was honestly insane how everything worked out. I was praying for God to help me in all these situations and help me work through a lot of different stuff and of course, he did, but journaling really helps you see it and recognize it. Its also going to be so cool when I am older to go back and see everything I was doing and going through when I was younger. As you can tell there are so many great reasons for journaling and is a perfect way to organize your thoughts while also helping you improve your relationship with God.


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