Want It All

I haven’t been writing blog post as much as I thought I would while staying at home. I am honestly completely okay with it because I have spent some time making collages which I have loved doing. I am never going to force myself to do something I do not want to or have to do. For me, creating these collages has been a way to be creative and get inspired.

This collage is the most recent one that I made, and it is inspired by the song “Want It All” by Sean Curran. At the beginning of quarantine and up until the last few weeks, I was so upset. I was just so confused about why I was sent home from college. Why God would take away something so good? When I listened to this song, I really felt the Holy Spirit, and it was something that made me run back to the Father. The past few weeks I have been praying and asking the Lord to redirect my heart. I feel like He has done that and I have learned you do not have to be in a certain place to find joy. He can give us joy and love no matter where we are. Our location does not define Him.


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