My Journey to Jesus

I want to write about topics that are important to me, and that I think can help someone else. That is why I want to share with you about my journey to Jesus!
I have grown up in a Christian family and every once in a while I went to church, so I considered my self a Christian. Although I was praying with my family and going to church, I never really felt anything or connected to God for myself. I got older and I just kept going through the motions. About a year ago my relationship with God started to change. Last year I had some struggles I was dealing with in my life, and I thought this is a great time to go to God. I had never really thought that I need to turn to God, but something inside me told me I should. I started reading my bible more, praying every night, and listening to Christian music more. I am not just saying this, but seriously once I had a stronger relationship with God my life got so much better. Everything I was dealing with just seemed to work its self out. I also had a friend in my life who I knew I could trust and talk to about God. It made everything feel a lot easier talking to her, so if you have someone you can trust I highly recommend talking to them if you feel comfortable.
I kept this routine going and everything in my life just flowed. If I had a problem it only felt like a small hill and not a huge mountain. This summer I am going to JH Ranch in California with my dad. If you haven’t heard of JH Ranch it’s a Christian camp, that is supposed to build your relationship with the Lord and help you find strength in yourself that you never knew you had. I go at the end of July and could not be more excited!! Make sure to keep your eye out for a post about it because there will definitely be one!


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