The Best Study Tips

I honestly got the inspiration to write the post, because I had no motivation to do anything. It is towards the end of the school year, and everyone is so worn out. I am a junior, and this school year for me is pretty crucial, especially for college. It has been my hardest year so far because of the AP classes, the ACT, and extracurriculars. I had a history and math test today and last night I just could not study no matter what I did. Eventually, after hours of procrastinating, I finally started to study. I realized I had to do it either way, so I just got it over with so I could go to bed. Today I told myself I was going to try to work as hard as I can until the end of the year. I thought I would share some of my favorite study tips because I know everyone needs a little push and motivation at the end of the year.
Plan your week: Every Sunday I get everything organized and try to get ready for the week. I write down in my planner everything I have planned, and all the homework and test for the week. Having it all written down where I can see it clearly puts me in the right mindset to get stuff done.
Work ahead: Working ahead is something my mom has taught me to do ever since I was little, and it is so helpful. If I have any extra time on Sunday or another weekday I don’t have much to do I try to go ahead and get things done that are for later in the week. Doing this prevents everything from piling up in one night, and makes everything a lot less stressful.
Changing location: Going to a coffee shop helps me stay a lot more productive. If I am trying to get work done at my house I get really distracted, but if I am somewhere else I know I am only there to do homework and nothing else. I usually am a lot more productive and get my work done a lot faster if I am not at my house.
Get help: This is something I sometimes struggle with, but when I do get help everything is so much easier. Just asking a friend/teacher for help or just getting my mom to read over my essays is so important. Sometimes I don’t do this just because I get lazy and don’t care, but it is something I’m trying to do more of. Getting help and asking questions helps you learn the material better and always ends up helping my grade.



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