The Best of Washington, DC

It has been a while since I have been to Washington, DC but I still wanted to write a blog post about it because I had the best time! My family went there because my mom had a meeting for work. The conference she attended at was at the Four Seasons hotel in Georgetown.  It was the nicest hotel I have ever been in, like seriously when I was there I felt like I was famous. I slept on a pullout couch and it was almost better than my bed at home.


Even though the hotel was great, it was not my favorite part. The first day my mom did not have her meeting, so we went to all the big places we wanted to see. I was determined to see President Trump, so the first thing we did was go to the White House. We saw it, took our picture, then left. We walked over to the Washington Monument and then we saw some helicopters… we realized it was Marine One! We watched the helicopter land on the front lawn of the White House, then pick up the President, take off and fly right over us. Even though I did not get to see the President, this was as close as I was going to get and it was pretty cool!

The next two days while my mom was at her meeting, my stepdad and I went to different museums. My favorite was the National Air and Space Museum because you could go into a simulator that made you feel like you were flying a plane. I definitely recommend going there! One afternoon, when my mom was done we all went to Arlington, and we watched the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Seeing all the graves was sad, but also made me realize how thankful I should be to live in America. This place was so powerful and something everyone should experience at least once.
On a lighter note, my mom and I also did a lot of shopping! Georgetown had the best stores. It also had some great restaurants. We went to some casual places, but one night we did go to this fancier place called Filomena. I usually don’t like Italian but it was so good. If you want real Italian food this is the place to go! I got the risotto, and it was one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth. I do recommend splitting meals with people because the entree is huge. No one in my family finished all their food, and after we ate we walked back to the hotel, struggling to move because we were so full! Everyone in Georgetown just walks and bikes everywhere, which I thought was really nice.
After all the food, shopping, and sightseeing we still had not seen the Capital. On the last day, we got to go tour it, and hear about what all goes on there. It is crazy how many people work there to make it all flow. There were unground tunnels that connected buildings, so you didn’t have to go outside. We got to go through the tunnels from Congressman Byrne’s office to the capital.  We had a private tour that included getting to go on the balcony of the Capital, definitely the best view of Washington!
I went to DC in 8th grade with my school, but coming back again with my family was a whole new experience. I do not think I could ever live there because it gets so cold and there is a ton of crazy drivers, but it is somewhere I love visiting. Going to DC makes you feel so proud to be an American!



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