The Best Cold Remedies

Unfortunately this past week I have not been feeling the best, and it was the worst week to get sick. We had exams all week, the ACT tomorrow, and we leave for our class trip Sunday, so I forced myself to be better by Sunday. It usually takes me a while to get rid of a cold because I thought I could not really do anything to get rid of it, but I found some ways that help!
1. Apple Cider Vinegar
 I have heard about people drinking apple cider vinegar, but this is the first time I actually decided to try it.I looked up on Pinterest best cold remedies, and this came up numerous times. I saw a few different recipes, but the one I used was 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon of organic honey. I am warning you it is so disgusting, but it really does work and it’s only a little bit! I did it two days in a row and by the third day, I felt so much better.
2. Saltwater
Whenever I get sick I usually get ulcers in my mouth too, and this week they were so bad! All you do is mix salt and warm water in a cup, then mix it around in your mouth. Do it a few times a day and they will go away pretty fast. It is also great if you have a sore throat. Just mix the salt and water again, but this time gargle it instead.
3. Epsom Salt
While I was on Pinterest looking at the apple cider vinegar, I also saw that Epsom salt is really helpful. It helps relax your body, and you can buy different types for different specific reasons. I got one from target that is supposed to restore and replenish. The brand was Dr. Teals, and it was Pink Himalayan. I pored in my hot bath and put on a face mask. Afterward, my whole body felt so relaxed and rejuvenated.
4. Hot Lemon Water
It has been cold and rainy all week, probably the reason I got sick in the first place so I really wanted a hot drink. I did not want something too sugary, so coffee would not be good and I do not like tea. Lemon also detoxes your body, so I thought this would be perfect! I put some water on the stove, then cut up big pieces of lemon and put them in. I also added a little lime, but cucumber would be good too. I kept it on the stove on low till it started boiling. Once it was done I poured it into the mug, and drank it! The warm drink felt so good on such a cold day and also tasted delicious. I usually drink apple cider or coffee so this was a new great alternative that made me feel so much better.



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