My Summer Vacation Essentials

It’s finally summer and I could not be happier! am going to California in a few weeks with my family, and I am so excited. I know people have lots of travel plans this summer, so it’s important you bring everything you need. Here are some things I am going to pack for my vacation, that I think everyone should make sure they bring to the beach or any hot destination.

The number one thing I have to have with me is my sunglasses! I wear them all the time at home, and are a must have at the beach. They are also a fun accessory that can make any outfit more fun. I have a pair of Ray Bands that I love, but I also like to bring a cheaper pair that I can wear when I am doing something where they might break. I went to Charming Charlie the other day and got some for $8, and they had a lot of super cute options.

An obvious necessity for the beach is a cute swimsuit. Something to make sure you think about is to bring one you can tan in. You don’t want to lay out by the pool for hours then have crazy tan lines. I got one from Victoria Secret a few months ago that I love. It’s a Ribbed Bandeau and I got it in red, but they also have a few color options on the website. It’s on sale right now for only $17. Somone even asked me once if it was a Frankies swimsuit, which is way more expensive!

Another clothing item I love to bring with me on vacation is summer dresses. Believe it or not, dresses are my favorite type of clothing. To me, they are so much easier and more comfortable than wearing jeans and a top. Some brands that have the cutest dresses are Princess Polly and I Just Have to Have it. I love wearing nice dresses out to dinner but also wearing more casual flowy dresses in the day or even as a coverup over my swimsuit.

I also have some beauty products I have to have with me. Sunscreen, of course, is really important. The Mac Prep + Prime has SPF 50 so it protects your face against the harsh sun, and it is a great primer at the same time. While I love protecting my skin from the sun, I do like the sunkissed look! The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer definitely gets the job done. I wear this pretty much everytime I put on makeup, and it’s something I could not live without while I’m on a summer vacation.

I love laying out on the beach and by the pool, but after a few hours, I can find myself getting bored. I usually bring some magazines and headphones to listen to music, but I also have to have a notebook. I randomly think of new blog ideas or just want to write about what’s going on in my life.

I overpack almost every time I travel, and most of the time I don’t use half of the things I bring with me. Although, I have found I have found these are things I can’t forget to pack especially during my summer trips!


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