My Summer Morning Routine

During the summer I never had a set morning routine and would just change it day-to-day, but this summer I decided I wanted to get into a strong routine before I start college, and I am loving it!! It makes me feel so organized and productive before everyone else day even starts. Let me know if you incorporate any of these things into your routine!

5:00 am – Wakeup!! This isn’t the time I wake up every single day but most days it is. The past two months I have been waking up anytime from 4:30-5:30 to go workout. It’s hard waking up, but your mind doesn’t have time to think about working out yet so you just roll out of bed and get it done. Then you don’t have to think about it for the rest of your day!

5:30 am – Time to workout. I have been loving going to my aunt’s workout classes, Naturally Strong, at either 5:15 or 6:00 (I have a whole post about how much I love it!) Usually her classes are enough because I usually burn 400-500 calories, but since I am climbing Mt.Shasta soon I have been going to the gym and doing the stairclimber too. I also love going into the steam room after a good workout to relax.

7:30 am – 1st breakfast woohoo!! This is about the time I get home, and then my favorite part of my routine starts!! Right, when I get home I make the Kenzie Burke, tropical bub smoothie. It so refreshing and hydrating and just what I need after a workout.

7:45 am – After I drink my smoothie I jump in the shower and then get ready for the day. Some of my favorite products I use in my morning routine are: Youth to the People face wash, Mario Badescu rosewater and Neutrogena moisturizer with SPF15.

8:00 am – 2nd Breakfast!! Just a smoothie won’t do, so once I am dressed and ready I make avocado toast. I am so obsessed and it’s my favorite meal of the day. I use Food for Life brown rice bread. It’s gluten-free and has a low number of ingredients. I get it at Publix and I know they also have it at whole foods. I season it with the everything seasoning from Publix and red chili flakes! Try it out, and I promise you will be obsessed too!

8:30 am – About this time I start my daily quiet time. This is a time I love because it is set aside for just me and God before the crazy day starts. I love going to Soul Caffeine or Refuge and doing it there, but sometimes I just do it at my house. What I do kinda depends on the day, but I like to listen to worship music or a podcast, journal and pray, read a chapter of the Bible, and read my devotional (New Morning Mercies). I don’t do all of this every day but I like to pick a few to focus on.

9:30 am – Lets start the day! After I finish my quiet time I usually go babysit, start running errands or doing chores anything like that! I used to wake up about 30 minutes before I had to be somewhere but I have been loving waking up early this summer!

Leave in the comments what you do in your morning routine!!


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