My Favorite Skincare Products

Believe it or not, skincare products are my favorite items to buy! I would much rather spend money on skincare than makeup. I love seeing what the different products do and what they are meant for. I don’t know why, but it’s so fun and interesting to me. I use pretty inexpensive products that are mostly from Target. I do sometimes like to invest in nicer things such as a lush face mask or something like that.
My nightly routine is pretty long, but of course, I always start out with washing my face. I just use the Morning Burst one from Clean and Clear.  Even though its meant for the morning, I use it at night too. I really like that brand because they are simple inexpensive products, but I know they do the job.  After that, I do my favorite part in my nightly routine, toner. I use the deep cleansing toner from Clean and Clear. For toner, I just put some on a cotton pad and wipe my face until all the excess makeup and dirt is gone. Next, I put on my Botanics eye brightening gel. I have the worst under eye circles ever!! They are terrible and one time I got a black eye, so one of them is darker than the other; this product is a must for me! I also put some Vaseline under my eyes because it is supposed to reduce your wrinkles when you are older, so hopefully, that’s true. Then I put on moisturizer. I use the dual action moisturizer that’s also from Clean and Clear. I like to apply this with a brush instead of my hands because it’s a lot cleaner and does not get anything on my face that I don’t want there! After this, I have one more step, and I know sooo many people that use and love this product. It’s the Mario Badescu rose water spray. It is the best thing ever omg! I don’t think it actually helps your face with acne or redness or anything like that, but it does make your face feel so hydrated and refreshed. I use it all the time, not just at night. I also bought the spray in cucumber and I have been loving that this summer; it’s the best to use on a sunburn. Once I spray the rosewater I put on chapstick and I am ready for bed. I can honestly see such a difference in the morning if I use these products or not. If I don’t use it my face feels dirty and dull, but if I do my face is literally so much brighter and more refreshed.


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