My Favorite Bloggers

I am always trying to find new bloggers read and youtubers to watch! I love when people give me recommendations because it is always fun finding new people. I thought I would write a post on some of my favorites, that Y’all should go check out! All of these people are awesome and have such good content.
Aspyn Ovard – I first found Aspyn on youtube, but she also has a blog that I have fallen in love with. Her pictures are great, and I love her travel post. She goes to the best places and definitely makes me want to go!
Brighton the Day – First of all I love the name of this blog! Her name is Brighton and she is the cutest person ever. She is a fashion blogger, so you can always find the best clothes and new styles, but she also is such as inspiring Christian.
Krystal Schlegel – My friend Jessie recently told me about this blog, and I love it. It is a lifestyle blog and pretty much has everything you would want to read. My favorite part of her blog is her fitness post. She can really get you motivated!
Julianne Hough – You might recognize this one! Julianne Hough was on Dancing with the Stars, but she also has a great blog. Most of her post are lifestyle. She has great recipes and natural beauty hacks that everyone really needs to try out.
Oliva Jade – Oliva is by far my favorite youtubers! She had videos on beauty, fashion, food, vlogs, literally everything. You can always count on her to know all the best makeup products. She is Lori Loughlin’s (Aunt Becky from Full House) daughter, and she also has some funny videos with her!
Sarah’s Day – If you need anything fitness or health-related go check her out! She has such a positive energy and it is so hard not to love her. There are so many recipes and workouts you can try plus fun vlogs. Her motto is “listen to your body” and always has great advice.
Kenzie Elizabeth– I just recently started watching her youtube channel and I love it! She posts a lot of vlogs and lifestyle videos. She is always super productive and can really motivate you to go get your work done.
Danielle Carolan– I also just found Danielle and now she is one of my favs. She goes to college at UGA, and post a lot of college videos which I love since I am going in a couple years! She also has the cutest style and is always up on the best trends.
If y’all have some more people Y’all love please let me know 🙂 I am always trying to find more!



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