I’m Back!!

Hey y’all! Long time, no see… but the good news is I’m back!! I haven’t posted in a few months, so I want to catch up and tell y’all what I have been up to. I am sorry for not posting, life has been crazy lately and I am just trying to enjoy senior year! 

First of all, I made my college decision woohoo! I pretty much knew I was going to go to Birmingham Southern, but now I am offically enrolled and ready to go. I am so excited to start this new chapter, but not going to lie I am a little scared too. Get ready for some fun post coming up too between a new school, city, and all the new restaurants there is going to be so much to write about. I can’t wait to share it all!

Even though I am so excited for college, senior year has been super fun too! Fun fact, I did basketball cheer this year. No, I never have been a cheerleader, but all my friends and I did it originally just to get the uniforms, but surprisingly had the best time and lots of new funny memories, and now I can say I was a cheerleader. That ended about two months ago, and now tennis just started! This is one of my favorite parts of the school year because it makes it go by so much faster. Not gonna lie I am a little tired of playing tennis, but I love everyone on the team so being with them is my favorite part. I am #5 on the team this year, which I like so much more because I don’t play as many scary hard people hahah. Tennis will last till around the end of April then we graduate in May. It’s so crazy!

Well, I am trying to think about what else I have been doing and then I remembered Monday night… The Bachelor! I have loved this season, and mostly because my friends and I have bachelor viewing parties every Monday. Its so much fun and sometimes way to extra but I love it. We have chocolate covered strawberries, sparkling grape juice, and of course, the brackets on who we think will win. If you haven’t watched last weeks episode *spoiler* but I still think Cassie will come back and she will still win! My favorites are Caelynn, Hannah B, and Hannah G, so hopefully one will be the next Bachelorette! Obviously, I love both Hannahs because they are my Alabama girls.

I don’t know if I have talked about it or not on my blog but I joined a small group earlier this year and that’s been such a huge blessing in my life. Having such a good community of friends who are so much fun to be around but also push me to grow spiritually is exactly what I needed this year. I joined it because I started going to 3 Circle Church and o.m.g. if you live in Fairhope or around that area or even just visiting you have to go! It’s the best. There are tons of young people which I love and Pastor Chris Bell is amazing. If you haven’t gone please try it out! I go to the south campus and they have it at 8:00, 9:45, and 11:30 on Sundays. Wednesday night we have it too at 6:30, but it’s just high schoolers so I love that because it’s just people my age.

This is getting long, but one more short thing. I met Liam Hemsworth and Cassie Affleck! So I met Liam in October when they were here filming a movie called Arkansas. I was at Young Life and he was across the street at a restaurant so a ton of us got a picture with him when he came out. I didn’t get to really talk to him, but it was a fun experience! Then I met Cassie Affleck just a few weeks ago at the restaurant Wearhouse in Fairhope. He is also here for a movie called The Friend. It was really crowded and he ended up sitting at the table with us, and we got to talk to him for a while it was cool! My friend and I didn’t know who he was at first till people started asking for pictures, so we asked him his name, but I think he liked that we didn’t know him. He was really nice, and telling people we had lunch with him is a good story to have! Fairhope is the new spot for spotting celebrities I guess!

I think that’s about it! I am going to keep posting more, but I just wanted to let yall know what I have been doing first. Look for some new post coming this month because I have some exciting things coming up. So excited to be back!


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