I Can Only Imagine

The song “I can only imagine” by MercyMe is honestly one of the best Christian songs I have ever heard. I heard this song for the first time over the summer and listened to it almost every day on the way to work. I sorta forgot about the song for a while, but then a few weeks ago I heard about the movie that came out. Everyone said how amazing it was and I knew I had to go see it. Saturday night I went with a few friends to see it and its one of the best movies I have ever seen. I don’t think I stopped crying for the last 30-45 minutes. It just reminded me of God’s love for us, and how he forgives us so we can forgive others. Forgiveness of yourself and others is so important and I feel like its easy to forget that. Sometimes forgiveness can be really hard, but praying for help makes it so much easier. God can redeem anything and anyone.
There are so much you can take away and learn from this movie. If you haven’t seen this movie or even listened to the song you need to! After I saw the movie, I was just on a Jesus high. I went to church Sunday morning and to a youth group, Sunday night and I could just see everything in the movie connecting with what I was learning at church. Sunday night we learned about being a “fake Christian”. People talk about all the time how much they love God and how big of a Christian they are but they don’t live out the Christian life they are saying they do. I realized how I can be guilty of this, and I am sure everyone is at some point. Living a Christian life is not easy and sometimes you have to go against the crowd. This weekend I realized how worth it can all be. I know I am still going to mess up and still sin every day, but just acknowledging what I am doing and having an intention in everything I do I think is so important.
This post was sorta all over the place, but obviously, this movie made me rethink my life and help strengthen my relationship with the Lord. I highly recommend everyone going to see this movie or just listen to the song because you never know how God will speak to you through it!


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