If you live anywhere in the south-east area you probably have at least gone or heard of Hangout Fest. Its a music festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama and has all the best artist! This year it was on May 18th-20th and the headliners were The Killers, The Chainsmokers, and Kendrick Lamar. There were also tons of other amazing artist and DJs like Halsey, Logic, Zedd, and Portugal. The Man. Some of my friends went last year and described it as “the best weekend of their life”. This is the first year I have gone and I must say it did live up to my expectations.

I can easily say Zedd, Logic, and The Chainsmokers were my favorite and I would see them all again in concert 100% They all put on such a good performance and my friends and I had so much fun. You can get really close to the front row if you try since it’s not like a normal concert where you have a permanent seat. You have to get there really early, but sometimes it is definitely worth it. My friends and I got to Kendrick Lamar two hours early and just sat on the beach waiting but we did end up getting pretty close to the front. Sometimes its stressful with all the people, but at the same time, it makes it that much more fun.

Just like at any other music festival, the outfits are just as important as the music. It’s a little different than something like Coachella because it’s on the beach. The style is mainly swimsuits and jean shorts, which is still super fun to style and seems a little easier than planning a full outfit. I spent weeks searching for the perfect tops, so finally getting to wear it all was super fun. Friday I wore a bright pink top from Boys and Arrows, Saturday I wore a top from Triangle, and it was without a doubt my favorite outfit, then Sunday I wore a red top from Victoria Secret but wore a sheer skull tank top over it and tied a knot in the front. Glitter is also a must for Hangout and makes every outfit 10x better! I knew I wasn’t going to want my hair down because it was so hot, so finding other hairstyles to do was a struggle at first. I ended up doing a lot of braids, and it was fun trying out new things.

This was my first music festival, but definitely not my last! By the end of the weekend, I was so tired and my legs were about to fall off from dancing so much but it was so worth it. Hangout Fest was for sure a weekend to remember!



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