Go Green

Making this collage I really did not know what direction it was going in. I wanted to make one with similar colors, and I thought the different shades of green looked really cool together. About a week ago at my dad’s conference, I heard two speakers talk about the importance of our environment and how small differences can make a change. One of them was named Laura Huffman, she was the regional director of The Nature Conservancy and spoke about conservation strategys we can use. The other speaker was David Aquino who was a creative director and focused on saving energy. The way he used social media in a positive way to spread awareness and start programs was amazing. He worked with the Blue Planet Foundation and helped them launch the “You Have the Power” Challenge. I wanted to write something about being kinder to the environment on my blog but wasn’t sure how to incorporate it. I thought this collage was a good reminder because we want to keep our planet clean and green!


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