Fairhope Spotlight – Soul Caffeine

First of all, if you know me, you knew this one was coming. Where do I even begin? Soul Caffeine is my perfect coffee shop, it seriously has everything you could ever want. everything. Going to Soul Caffeine is an everyday thing for me, it’s kinda bad but I have an addiction and I don’t want to quit.

So since this is a Fairhope Spotlight it should obviously be in Fairhope, but this place is so good I couldn’t just leave it out. It’s in Daphne so close enough! It’s right by my school and only about 10 minutes from my house, so the best location for me. Another reason I love it is all the people working are so nice. One of them knew my order the other day and made me feel like I was the queen of the coffee shop when he had it made before I even ordered.

For all the people who look for the cute local coffee shops, this place is for you. It’s definitely a place you would see on a cool girls Instagram and be a little jealous! The walls are all chalkboard and they have the cutest quotes and sayings all over it. You could read the wall for hours if you wanted to! It has strings lights hanging too which make it a million times cuter. It’s not only cute, its the perfect study environment. They have a place to sit for everything you could possibly be doing. They have tables for when your working with friends, some seats at this bar (I go there when I really need to get down to business!), and some comfy chairs when your just meeting with friends, they are my favorite.

It might just be me but the music they play in pretty much any public place is important. The volume and genre of music they play is perfect for a coffee shop. It’s not too loud to where you can’t focus, and it’s not to quit to where you can hear everyone’s conversations and it’s awkward. They play either chill songs that are perfect for the background or Christain music. Christian music is my favorite, especially because I do my quiet time here all the time, so it makes it even better.

Now to finally talk about the coffee! I used to actually hate coffee, but now I am addicted because of this place. I am not mad about it though! I am a cold brew girl, so I get the So Good with almond milk. It’s the best!! It’s their signature cold brew with salted caramel and almond milk. If you like hot coffee the local latte is great. It has honey and cinnamon in it and if it’s super cold outside this is what I’ll get. You can’t go wrong with either of these! If you try them out please let me know what you think!

As you can see, I could talk about this place for hours, and hopefully now you’re convinced this is the best coffee shop ever. I have gotten all my friends and family hooked! If you ever can’t find me just go to Soul Caffeine because there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be there!


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