Fairhope Spotlight- Naturally Strong with Nonie

It’s time for another Fairhope spotlight!! This time I am writing about Naturally Strong! Naturally Strong is a workout group my aunt Nonie started a few years ago, and it is a major hit in Fairhope! This one is definitely one of my favorites for many reasons. Number one. She’s my aunt so of course, I love her! Number 2. She has the best and most energetic personality ever and makes every workout fun. Number 3. It’s the best support group. And number 4. The workouts actually work! She has tons of different classes you can go to and a lot of different times so just find one that works for you and fits it’s your schedule! All of the classes last about 45 minutes, and she has HIT workouts, combo classes, kickboxing (my favorite), pilates, and even family boot camp. Nonie also has meal plans and challenges you can get on her website

Before this summer I played tennis and worked out every once in a while, but it was nothing I was super serious about. Finally this summer I made it my mission to finally get into good shape and her classes have definitely helped me. When I first started going it was super hard and every class really kicked my butt! I was so sore the next day, which I was happy about because I knew it was working, but now I really enjoy going to all of her classes. My favorite class by far is kickboxing! Its super fun and helps you get out any anger you have haha, but seriously yall have to try it out! I also love the combo classes its a great mixture of everything, and its super fun and upbeat. Nonie also has the best music on during her classes, which is a big motivator for me while I am working out. No matter what type of workout I am doing I have to have good music to keep me going. She always has the most popular songs at the moment playing, and it makes everything a 100x more fun.

This summer Nonie also got her own studio for her classes! YAY!!! The new studio is great on the days where it’s miserably hot or its raining. It’s so nice having the air conditioning! Naturally Strong is also kids friendly. There is a room for the kids to play while all the moms’ workout, which is another reason Naturally Strong really is the best! If you haven’t been to a Naturally Strong class now your missing out, and now is the time to go!! I can’t say enough great things about it, and Nonie makes working out something you can actually learn to enjoy. Make sure to go follow her on Instagram @naturallystrongnonie for all the updates and class schedules each week. 


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