Fairhope Spotlight – Dragonfly Food Bar

Fairhope spotlight is a new series I want to start where I write about different places in Fairhope that I love! Dragonfly Food Bar is a restaurant downtown that might seem a little weird when you first glance at the menu, but I promise the second you take it bite everything you thought will change. It is known for their tacos and rice bowls but is not anything like the ones you normally eat. The flavors are a mix of Asian and Mexican but surprisingly work amazing together.

The best thing about Dragonfly is you can basically get a different taco every time you go but every single one is good. On Wednesdays they also have two dollar tacos, so how could you not go get some! I went last night and it was a chicken taco with a lime and habanero sauce. Its fun to try different tacos every week, but also get them at awesome prices. My favorite one personally is the firecracker shrimp taco. It has firecracker shrimp, Asian slaw, and a pacific rim sauce. For warning, this taco is pretty spicy, and I normally hate spicy food but its so good that I cant help from ordering it even if my mouth is on fire the whole time. If you are super hungry I also recommend getting the turnip fries as a side! It is not the healthiest choice but if you want to splurge this is what you need to order.

The atmosphere about Dragonfly is also super fun. You can sit inside at tables or booths, and they also have an outside area that is super nice when the weather is nice. When you go in you might also notice pictures all over the wall. These pictures are people who have eaten 7 tacos, which is quite the challenge! Last night my friend did it and it was so fun watching him stuff his face with this crazy amount of food. If you don’t want to eat there it is also easy and convenient to get it to go. A number of times I have gotten it and taken it down to the bay for a picnic.

A lot of people who live in Fairhope know about Dragonfly, but if you have never gone or are visiting the area this is something you don’t want to miss out on!


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