College Update

ahhh it’s been a minute!! Life has been a complete whirlwind since I have gotten to college. If ur new and wondering what’s going on, I just started my freshman year at Birmingham Southern! I am loving it, but college is definitely an adjustment.

I have quickly realized that the school work in college compared to high school is so much harder. I am only in three classes, but wow its a lot. I am undecided about my major, but I am interested in English and business, so I am trying a little bit of both right now! I am in english 102, creative writing, and an intro marketing class. I like all of my classes (it’s a lot of reading though lol) so I still have no idea what I am going to do, but we will see how next semester goes. I am open to pretty much anything so I am not too worried about it.

I have also loved being in a city!! Birmingham has been so much fun and I swear I go to a different coffee shop every day. Driving is a struggle, but besides that it’s great. There is also so much good shopping. A new Lululemon and REI just opened, and I am dying to go. Idk why because I am not a huge outdoors girl, but I am so obsessed with REI, so I freaked out when I heard they were opening one in Bham. The restaurant options are also limitless, and my bank account is taking a downfall… but it’s worth it. Be on the lookout for a post on all the avocado toast I have tried recently because it’s a lot!

Besides the city being amazing, the best part of college so far is the friends I have made. My biggest worry about coming to college was finding friends that loved me and that I could grow in the Lord with. I prayed about finding friends a lot before coming to college, and God really followed through with that one! I have also met lots of new friends in RUF and I also joined Chi Omega, and they both have been a great way to meet people. My friends and I also try new churches almost every weekend and that has been fun. My favorites so far have been Redeemer, Iron City, and A2 but I am still finding new ones to try every Sunday.

Well, that’s basically a summary of everything going on so far! Be on the lookout for more posts coming soon because I am ready to get back on the grind lol. If you like avocado toast and coffee get excited about the next few weeks because I have some good things coming.

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