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Ahhhh if you don’t follow my Instagram (@todaywmae) you might not know I just recently went to California and had the best time! My dad had a conference in Dana Point, but we went to Los Angeles for a few days before since no one in my family has been there before.

We stayed in the Beverly Hills Hotel since we were only going to be there for 3 days and wanted the full experience. It was literally the cutest place I have ever seen! Everything was pink (my favorite color) and vintage. It was so fun and I recommend going there to visit and take pictures even if you don’t stay there. While we were there we also were on the lookout for anyone famous. My dad asked the lady at the front desk sorta like a joke where we should go to see any superstars and she said just sit in the lobby for a little while and you probably will. Later that afternoon we walked back into the hotel and I looked at this lady and thought to myself that looks a lot like Portia Derossi, but there’s no way that’s actually her. I started walking away and my stepmom, Katie, was said she recognized her voice and thought she could be famous and I was like omg then it really is Portia!! I started freaking it because I love The Ellen Show and after about 10 minutes of just standing there being scared to talk to her we finally went up and got a picture with her. She was super nice and I was so excited lol. Later that day my dad and brother saw Michele B. Jordan at the pool, so the day just kept getting better and better!

Another part I loved about Los Angeles was the restraints. Every single one we went to was sooo good! I seriously don’t think we ever had a bad meal. Here are some of my favorite places we went to:

The Farm of Beverly Hills- This is the first restaurant we went to and it was a great way to start off the trip. All the food was super fresh and was a great place for lunch. We got an order of sweet potato fries to share and omg they were some of the best fries I have ever had.

Fig and Olive- Hands down the best meal I have ever had. I can’t say enough good things about this place. We went here for dinner one night and I would be fine eating it for every meal. We ordered Crostinis for everyone to share and before this, I didn’t even know what this was. It’s basically just a small piece of bread with different toppings. At this restaurant you could get 6 different types and they were all amazing but the goat cheese one was my favorite! If you go here you have to get it!! For my entree, I got salmon because I was trying to be healthier and it was so good but my dad got a truffle risotto that was one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth. Seriously if you are ever in the are you have to go here!

The Henry- Pretty sure this was one of the most ascetically pleasing places I have ever seen. There were marble tables and had beautiful blue and white chairs and decorations. The atmosphere was also perfect and so enjoyable! They had string lights hanging up outside and lots of greenery that also made is great. They also had good food! If you can’t tell our family likes french fries and they had truffle fries here that we ate in about .5 seconds. I got the Spring Harvest Bowl and it was really fresh and had great flavors. Being honest the rest of my family just thought their food was ok, but the fries and spring harvest bowl is something you should get if you come here.

Cafe Gratitude- This place was one of my favorites! It’s all natural and healthy food and it’s also mostly vegan. We had the choice of almond and coconut milk, and I honestly expected it to be gross but it really wasn’t bad! Everything we ordered was good and nothing tasted too healthy where it was gross. This restaurant is all about improving your well being. Their menus say “I am…” and then each entree is a different word. For example, mine was “I am vibrant” because I ordered the acai bowl. They also have a question of the day that you can talk about with your table. Our question was what are you thankful for? I thought these questions were such a unique idea and going to cafe gratitude really is a great experience.

Milo and Olive- I tried to be somewhat healthy on this trip but it was almost impossible at this restaurant! It was all amazing pizzas and pasta. My stepmom, brother, and I all ordered our own pizza thinking they would be small but they were huge so I recommend splitting them. I got the 4 cheese and farm egg pizza and it was my favorite out of everyone! It was a cheese pizza with a white sauce base and a fried egg basically just in the middle of the pizza and then arugula on top. My dad got pasta and he also said it was really good. All homemade! This isn’t your typical pizza and pasta but everything was surprisingly really good. I went into a major food coma after though…

Oak- I promise this is the last restaurant, but they were all so good that it’s hard to pick just a few! The rest of these restaurants were in Los Angeles but this one was one in Lagoon Beach and omg the atmosphere and food were both perfect! We sat on a balcony that overlooked the town, they had heaters outside, and live music; it was the best. I got the plate with 4 different types of tacos and they were all so different and really good!

We also saw some really cool things and did fun activities in both Los Angles and Dana Point. One of the first few things we did was we went to Santa Monica Pier and rented bikes there and then biked over to Venice Beach. It was super nice and the view was really pretty. We rented the bikes for 2 hours and it was the perfect about of time because we got to Venice beach and got to hang out there for a little bit then we just biked back. Of course, we saw Rodeo drive but didn’t buy anything but it was cool to see it all! So many stores!! Another highlight of the trip was the Warner Brothers studio tour that we did. If you are in the area this is the one thing you HAVE to do. We got see where some of the best movies and tv shows were filmed and a ton of awesome behind the scenes stuff.

(This is from the Warner Brothers tour of us on the set of Friends!!)

Once we got to Dana Point we were with the organization for my dad’s conference, so we signed up for a lot of stuff through the organization. My brother and I went surfing with this big group and we were sooo bad but it was so funny and entertaining. I couldn’t get up once, but some people were really good. Even though I was terrible at it I still had so much fun, and if you come you have to do a surfing lesson! We also did kayaking, which was a lot more relaxing and the views were really good. On the last day, we went whale watching, and we didn’t see any whales but it was still a nice boat ride lol.

This is a super long post, but there’s so much in California that I love!! I hope if you go to Cali take some of these recommendations because there all great and so much fun. I know you will love it!


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