Birmingham FUN

Not too far from home…but a whole bunch of fun! Last weekend my dad, brother, and I went to Birmingham, Alabama to look at the college Birmingham Southern. Birmingham is only about 4 hours from Fairhope, so it’s not a far drive. We drove up Thursday after school, and went to Flip Burger for dinner, which is SOOO good! My brother and I got the stack burger and my dad got the southern burger. I have been to Flip Burger before and had the most amazing milkshakes, but I was too full this time to get one! If you have never gone definitely go and get the Nutella milkshake because it’s the best thing ever.
Friday we went to look at Birmingham Southern. I am a junior, so I still have some time to look at colleges but this has been one I was really interested in. Both my mom and dad went there and loved it, and it’s in a big, fun city so it seemed good to me. They gave us about a 30-minute presentation about the college then some students took us on a tour. They did such a great job, and its for sure on the top of my list right now. Everyone we met was so nice, and you should definitely go take a look at it! Friday afternoon we decided to go hiking at Oak Mountain, and that was a blast. I love hiking, but downhill is not my thing. I normally get really nervous and fall then just end up sliding down on my butt. This time I made it without sliding. We hiked down to a waterfall, which took me a while but it was really cool once we got there! We also hiked up a path and saw a pretty view from high up.
Once we got back from hiking we were all starving. We went to a really cool restaurant in Homewood called The Little Donkey. It was a Mexican restaurant with the best guacamole! My dad and I got a burrito bowl and my brother got steak tacos and it was all really good. I have been to Birmingham a quite a few times before and never heard of this restaurant, but I am so glad we went. Next time you are in Birmingham for sure go there! Right next door is Steel City Pops, so we had a popsicle there for dessert, and that was delicious.
I was so excited for Saturday!! Some of my friends from JH live there and my friend Lexi from Knoxville, Tennessee was also in town so we all got to hang out. We went to brunch and then went shopping at the Summit, and had the best time! It was so good to see them again.
Saturday night my dad, brother, and I went back to Birmingham Southern for the football game. My dad said when he went there they didn’t even have a football team, so it was cool to see it now because it was a great turnout!
Sunday morning we woke up and left, but I am so excited to go back soon because it’s such fun city that’s super easy to get to


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