Best Coffee Shops in Birmingham

If you know me, you know I am a BIG coffee shop girl! I feel like I can go to a new one almost every day in Birmingham because there are so many… I am not complaining though!! I wanted to share some of my favorites, so if you live in Bham or are ever taking a visit you have some good options.

Revelator – I wanted to start off with one of my top favs. I think I go to Revelator the most because of the perfect location. They have a few of them in Birmingham, but I always go to the one downtown. It’s only about 10 minutes from school and is a perfect setting for studying. It is usually not very loud in there, so when you need to grind on your work this is your place! The oat milk here is also amazing!!

OHenry’s – To me this is just such a Birmingham staple. I think this was the first coffee shop I went to in Birmingham, and it really set my standards high. I love studying here especially at the one in Brookwood Village, and they also stay open late most days! You can go to their website to see all the hours. I always get the cold brew coffee (half sweet and half unsweet), and if you want a dessert, please get the strawberry cake because it is to die for!

Urban Standard – This one is also downtown, but it’s perfect when you want to order food too! Please get the lemon avocado grain bowl and let me know what you think because I am obsessed. The coffee here is also pretty inexpensive and they give you a big serving, so you can’t turn that down.

Bandit – This one is new, and I was so excited when it opened because it is the sister of The Essential (my fav restaurant ever)!! I usually don’t study here and just come to hang out with friends. Anyways, they have the best pastries, and going here just feels like such a treat! They have really good seating and it’s so comfortable. Everything in this place is just so aesthetically pleasing, so it’s a perfect place for your Instagram pictures lol!

Caveat – This place is the cutest!! Everyone seems to know how good this place is because it is always packed. My go-to order when I come here is a dirty chi late or the draft latte. Ordering these with their macadamia milk makes it so yummy! They also have great outdoor seating and that’s the best when the weather is nice.

This was so hard to pick my top 5, but here they are!! I hope this gives y’all some good recommendations. Please comment what your coffee order is and if you have any new places we should try!


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