Park City, Utah Travel Guide

 The first thing you need to know is I basically hate all mountains and cold weather… except Park City!! My family went there last summer because my dad had a conference there. The conference had a ton of activities and fun things set up for us to do while the adults went to their meetings. My hands-down favorite thing we did was zip lining at Sundance. We stayed at the Montage, so we just drove down to Sundance for the day but it was definitely worth it, even the drive was beautiful. We got there and we did some super small ones for practice then they told us its time to do the real thing. Honestly, I was so scared on the first one I didn’t even pay attention to the view or anything, but I had so much fun on it that I was not scared to do the rest. They told us each zip line got bigger and faster as we went. There were about 5 more zip lines we got to do, and the views were amazing. You could see mountains for miles and miles, and I am not trying to be cheesy but it literally felt like you were flying.

Another place you have to go see is the Olympic Park in Utah. The 2002 Winter Olympics were held there, and it was a blast. The conference set it up where we could go on tubes down the slopes, and we got to see some former Olympians do a show. They went down the ski slopes that they practice on in the summer, and they land in a pool. They did the best tricks, and everyone there was extremely impressed! 
Of course, we also did the basic stuff during our time in Utah such as hiking and biking. Just because you can do these everywhere doesn’t mean they are not super fun. I personally loved the hiking the most. The views were awesome and you are getting so much exercise but you don’t even realize it! We got pretty lost one time, but my dad always says, “it’s not an adventure until something goes wrong” and we went on a pretty big adventure that day haha. We eventually made it back after 3 or 4 hours and had a funny story to tell. We also went mountain biking, and being honest I was not the biggest fan because the trails were so tiny and I felt like I was going to fall off the mountain. One of my best friends Jessie came with me, and she loved the biking! I am pretty sure if you are more of a daredevil you will have so much fun, but if you’re like me you will cry and walk down the mountain. It was sooo embarrassing but I was super scared. If you are like me and don’t like the cold it’s a great place to go in the summer because the weather is perfect and there is still a ton of fun things to do in the mountains beside skiing. I would go every year to see the pretty views, and I would not mind zip lining over and over again!!




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